2024 Oregon Family Farm Survey and Focus Groups

FoFF has always done policy work by and for farmers, and this year is no different.  All of the policy proposals that we put forward come directly from the farmers that we work with. Every even numbered year, Friends of Family Farmers calls on our supporters to give us feedback on how our programming, advocacy, and services can better support Oregon’s small and medium socially and ecologically responsible farmers and the food systems they exist within.  Our goal is always to be working on the most pressing and necessary issues for our farmers across the state, and we are proud to be an organization directed by farmers.

Like everyone else we have been rolling with the punches the last few years. Instead of in person events such as our Listening Sessions, we started putting out an Oregon Family Farms Survey in 2020 to be completed by farmers and ranchers as well as eaters and advocates from across the state. In 2022, we added 12 focus groups around the state to get more in depth conversations so we can dig into barriers and solutions. Again this year, in addition to our statewide survey, we will hold 6 focus groups with our farmer members (hosted by FoFF) and 6 culturally-specific policy discussions for Oregon farmers (hosted by 6 different partner organizations).

This survey is open to EVERYONE who supports the vision and mission of FoFF and “our” farmers.  Whether you are a farmer, rancher, local food supporter or food system advocate/professional, your voice is valuable to us when we are prioritizing our efforts for the future.  We have designed this survey to take you to the questions that most reflect your place in the food system based on your answers. All of our stakeholder questions lead to actions for our programming and policy work, so we value all of the responses to our survey.

You have the opportunity to engage in statewide efforts to make Oregon a leader in local food. A whole lot has changed since we launched our first Family Farms Survey back in spring of 2020, and getting feedback from farmers, ranchers, food system advocates and local food supporters is as important as ever! This info will be used to shape Friends of Family Farmer’s legislative priorities and programs, and your voices are vital to helping Oregon’s farmers thrive in the future. The survey is available in English and Spanish and we will be accepting responses through March 15th.

Direct Survey Links:

English: 2024 Oregon Family Farms Survey 

Spanish: Encuesta 2024 para Finqueros Y Ganaderos en escala familiar de Oregon

2022 Oregon Family Farm Survey and Focus Groups

FoFF hosted 7 Listening Sessions (5 regional and 2 statewide) and partnered with 5 culturally specific organizations to host additional Listening Sessions within their communities. These sessions were invaluable because they not only let farmers express their needs and barriers, but also allowed for in-depth discussion of the nuance of their experience that cannot be achieved through a survey response alone. We heard from dozens of farmers and ranchers, representing these key areas:


We also surpassed our response goal for our 2022 Family Farms Survey and we are thrilled with the input, questions and suggestions we received during our surveying process. In total, we collected 521 responses from friends and allies across the state.

Now that the data has been collected, we are excited to share with you the results and our policy priorities for the 2023 legislative session. We continue to amplify the voices of Oregon’s family farmers to decision makers as we advocate for funding, policy changes and expanded programming specifically geared towards small and mid-size producers during every legislative session.


2020 Oregon Family Farms Survey

We were rolling with the punches in 2020! Instead of in person events such as our Listening Sessions, we put out an Oregon Family Farms Survey to be completed by farmers and ranchers as well as eaters and advocates from across the state.  This information helps us frame our advocacy and programming for the next two years, including the 2021 Session of the Oregon Legislature. To read about the top three issues of concern and other findings click here.

2018 Farmer and Rancher Listening Sessions

We held 19 Farmer and Rancher Listening Sessions across the state during our 2017-2018 Listening Session Tour. You can read the final report here!

Prior Background:

Since 2009, we have held biennial Listening Sessions with Oregon’s family farmers and ranchers, hearing from hundreds and hundreds of producers over the years. This process led to the Agricultural Reclamation Act and shapes our advocacy and program work. You can read our 2016 Listening Session Report and Policy Recommendations here.