Why does Friends of Family Farmers have a membership program?
Over the last dozen years FoFF has grown into an important voice for Oregon’s independent family farmers, food advocates and concerned citizens.

What unites us? Our shared belief that we need a food system that respects the land, treats animals humanely, sustains local communities, and provides a viable livelihood for family farmers.

We’ve had some big victories along the way. We’ve stopped several factory farm proposals from running roughshod over neighboring farms and communities. And we’ve put in place valuable support mechanisms for family farms, like the Oregon Pasture Network and Oregon Farm Link.

But there’s MUCH more that needs to be done.  That’s why the board and staff at Friends of Family Farmers have developed a new Strategic Plan full of ambitious ideas to accomplish three connected goals:  

  • More Oregonians valuing and acting to support small and mid-sized family farms.
  • Public policies more favorable to small and mid-sized family farms.
  • More Oregon land in production consistent with family farm values, and less in industrial agriculture.

Friends of Family Farmers needs to mobilize a far larger and more diverse base of supporters who’ll speak up and act on behalf of family farms.

And that’s where FoFF’s membership program comes in as both a source of steady financial support and as a tool through which to mobilize family farmers and the eaters who support them.

I’m a farmer and I want to be Member!

The vast majority of FoFF resources have come from foundations. While we are grateful for this institutional support, we know our long-term health as an organization requires a much larger base of individuals and farms in Oregon who invest annually in the organization with a steady flow of donations.

What does it mean to become a “ member” of Friends of Family Farmers?  
Farmer members own or manage a family farm or Eater members who support our food system sign on to give at least $5/month (or give $60 or more annually). 

Go here to see what we mean by “family” farm.

What if we’re supporters, but don’t own or manage a family farm?
You are welcome to become a member whether you currently farm or not! We know there are many passionate eaters and advocates who care about supporting a healthy, thriving, sustainable local food economy who are not farmers. Please just answer no on the “Are you a farmer?” section of the donation form, so we can mark you correctly in our database.

Are there benefits that come with membership? 
For now, the benefit is the great feeling you’ll get knowing that Friends of Family Farmers has the resources to serve as your voice in Salem and in communities across the state promoting policies and tools that support family farms.

After we hit a few hundred farmer members, we hope to negotiate options to provide our Farmer members with discounted rates for liability insurance as well as farm supplies. We’ll start by consulting our initial members about what discounts they would find most valuable and pursue those accordingly. 

Great – sign me up!

Will my name be listed publicly as a member?
We do not plan to publish a public list of all our members at this time. We may use some data anonymously form to say things about the geographic spread of our members, or how many farmers are signed up, but we don’t plan to list our members by name. But we want to highlight and thank our members! If you would like to be featured in a member spotlight, or want to share with the world why you think FoFF membership is so important, please contact us!

Can the membership donation be from a farm business or can it be from an individual?
Your donations can come either from an individual credit card or bank account or one owned by the legal entity that operates your farm.  You can give through our webpage donation form

What if I don’t want to give online?
If you’d rather make a one-time membership donation via check, you can make it out to FoFF and send to

PO BOX 751
Junction City, OR 97448

Just insert a note saying “2024 member” on the check or a slip of paper.  

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! We are a 501C3 and all donations are tax deductible – EIN 30-0390131