The Oregon Pasture Network (OPN) is a program of Friends of Family Farmers, designed to support the growth of pasture-based farming in our state. Our Pasture Partners offer high-quality products throughout Oregon from livestock that have been raised outdoors, on-pasture in a humane and ecologically sustainable manner.

This OPN Product Guide is a tool to help you find products in your region. There are many ways to support our Pasture Partners. Some of their items can be purchased in grocery stores, as part of menus in restaurants, directly from the farm or ranch, or through “Herd-Shares” in which you can own a portion of an animal and their products. Select a region below to find Oregon Pasture Network products near you.

You can read more about our Pasture Partners here. If you are a producer, and are interested in becoming an official Pasture Partner, please visit our OPN Application page for instructions.