The average age of farmers in Oregon is 60 years old. Without a plan to get new farmers onto the land, we stand to lose 25-50% of the land that is currently in agriculture production in the next decade. In response Friends of Family Farmers developed, Oregon Farm Link, a land and resource connection database to help Oregon grow the next generation of family farmers.

How Does Oregon Farm Link Work?

Oregon Farm Link is an online resource hub that provides a platform for farmers and land holders to connect. Land seekers and land holders first create user profiles. After they are approved by FoFF staff, these profiles are displayed on the Oregon Farm Link database. Registered land seekers and land holders can browse all listings, and contact any of the Oregon Farm Link users. We also have resources for training, jobs, and financing options, etc.  Check out our resource library, jobs page, or post a job!

Since OFL began connecting beginning farmers to land in 2009, Oregon’s land link program has had over 500 land seeker listings, over 200 land listings and around 3000 emails exchanged between users annually across the state.

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