FoFF Seeking New Farmer Advisory Committee Members – OPN and Policy

ATTENTION FARMERS – Passionate about our work?! Join our Farmer Advisory committees! 

No organization is an island, and when it comes to making systemic change, there is most certainly strength in numbers. But beyond the numbers, working collaboratively makes sure that the solutions we put forward for Oregon respect the diverse goals of farmers within our local food system. We want our programs and policies to provide a path to viability for small and mid-sized, socially and ecologically responsible farmers while balancing the needs of food security, education and equity to make sure we create a future food system that serves all Oregonians. 

We are proud to be an organization driven by farmers. In addition to our survey and farmer focus groups we hold across the state, we have farmer advisory committees to provide guidance and input on the structure and goals of our programming. It is so valuable to have consistent input as we expand and refine these programs to make sure that we meet the needs of our farmers. We are so grateful for our dedicated advisory committee members who give their time to advise and consult with us. We would love for you to join us!

Currently Seeking New Advisory Committee Members:

Advocacy/Policy – CONTACT

Advocacy is best when it is by and for our community. When the barriers to success are so often baked into the system we live in, we need to change the system to give family farmers an opportunity to thrive. When the laws and regulations are built to serve industrial agriculture that relies on market conditions and subsidies to drive profits in their export-oriented, extractive practices, it is no wonder that it is hard for small producers trying to honor the earth and their workers while feeding their communities. We need to work together to remove the systemic barriers that make our food system inequitable at its core. 
More thriving small scale producers of all backgrounds, especially those from groups who have been intentionally excluded from the means of production in the industrialized food system, increase food sovereignty, boost rural economies, and increase environmental health which benefits us all. We work to make sure that people in power don’t have just one vision of agriculture in mind when crafting the parameters that all farmers have to follow.

Oregon Pasture Network (OPN) – CONTACT

OPN is a community of Oregon’s independent farmers and ranchers expanding pasture based agriculture together. We believe in the power of pasture, which is the foundation of agricultural and economic ecosystems and helps our membership farms maintain viability and profitability.

It is very important to us that the Oregon Pasture Network be developed with the needs of our pasture-based farmers and ranchers in mind.  With that goal, we created the OPN Advisory Committee to help steer our program and activities.  These diverse and experienced producers provide insights on program standards and activities, as well as assisting with application reviews and farm visits.  We couldn’t be more grateful for the advice and perspectives they bring to the network!