FoFF brought together a coalition of farmers, food hub operators, and farmers market managers to pass the most comprehensive update to the Farm Direct Marketing Law’s Producer Processed Exemption in over a decade. We were able to craft a proposal that modernizes sales channels, brings new product opportunities to producers and raises the sales limit for value added products sold directly from farms. This bill had broad bipartisan support and represents Oregon’s commitment to its community food system. FoFF conceptualized and proposed this bill based on our stakeholder feedback in the 2022 Family Farmer Survey and Focus Groups. Thank you so much to all of our legislative partners, folks who testified and everyone who participated in that focus group and survey process. 


About the Bill

Nearly a decade ago FoFF worked with partners at OSU, the Oregon Farmers Market Association and across the spectrum of farm advocates to establish the Farm Direct Marketing Law’s Farm Direct Producer Processed Exemption. This law, sometimes lovingly called “The Pickle Bill,” allows farmers to bring certain low risk, value added products (like jams/jellies, pickles, lacto ferments, dried herbs, etc.) to farmers markets and their farm stands. This opened up opportunities for small farms to differentiate themselves at the market, reduce waste, and create shelf stable products they could use to stretch their income year round when the weather doesn’t cooperate. At the time this law was passed, it was one of the most progressive cottage food laws in the country. Now, about ten years later, it is time for us to make some improvements and clarifications to help this vital law keep up with the times.


Since the enactment of HB 2336 in 2011, countless farmers and producers across Oregon have been utilizing this regulatory framework to safely sell fresh produce and certain low risk value-added products directly to consumers. Countless farmers and communities, particularly in rural Oregon, have benefited from the increased economic capital generated by farm to consumer sales in addition to the strengthening of local and regional food systems.

With over 10 years of success stories about farmers safely selling products to consumers and enhancing their own economic opportunities, the 2023 Legislative Session offers an opportunity to build on this work and enhance Oregon’s Farm Direct Marketing Law by:

  • Online Sales – Explicitly permit the online sale of products that fall
    under the Farm Direct Marketing Law
  • Modernizing Distribution – Allow for the contracting of a third party
    entity for the facilitation of a sale, marketing and/or delivery of products
    from the farm to the consumer
  • Additional Products – Expand products eligible for Farm Direct
  • Clarify Ingredients – Define and clarify the non-farm-grown ingredients
    allowed for valued-added products
  • Consignment – Expand consignment eligibility to certain value-added

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