FoFF’s 2019 Policy Agenda and Listening Session Recap

We are pleased to announce that we’ve completed our 2018 Farmer and Rancher Listening Session Report & 2019 Policy Recommendations!

View the Full Report Here

Local farmers & ranchers vote on the top issues at our Listening Session in Astoria.

From December 2017 to May 2018, FoFF organized and facilitated 19 Farmer & Rancher Listening Sessions across Oregon. We invited producers out to local Grange halls, libraries, and breweries to talk about the issues impacting their farming operations and to brainstorm potential solutions.

Over 200 farmers and ranchers helped us identify several priority issues and we used this input to develop proactive policy proposals and program work outlined in the report. While a wide range of issues were raised at our Listening Sessions last year, several emerged as priority topics. As usual, small and mid-sized family farmers face significant challenges. Oregon’s family farmers especially need assistance in the following areas, including:

  1. Access to Land & Capital
  2. Access to Small Farm Meat Processing Infrastructure
  3. Expanding Opportunities for Agritourism
  4. Water Conservation

As the 2019 Oregon Legislative Session begins, we urge Oregon decision-makers to take action to address these issues. You can help amplify our voice demanding policies that benefit Oregon small and mid-sized family farms. On March 27th, 2019 we will be holding a day of action at the State Capitol in Salem to support legislation addressing these priorities. We will offer workshops in the morning to fill you in on food and farm issues, hold a rally on the Capitol steps, and provide opportunities for you to weigh in on legislation impacting local food systems and family farmers. Together we can show decision-makers that Family Farms Mean Business!