Fill Your Pantry has historically been an annual bulk purchasing event organized by various local food system non-profits around Oregon. It is a community bulk-buying event focused on shoppers truly stocking their pantries for the winter with items from local farms such as storage vegetables, fruit, beans, pasture-raised meats, grains, canned goods, and other products. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase large quantities of staple and storage crops at great prices directly from local farmers at a time of the year when many farmers can really use the extra sales. Friends of Family Farmers has organized Fill Your Pantry events in Portland since 2015. Farmers and ranchers are on the front lines feeling the effects of climate chaos, and they are also best poised to do something about it. Fill Your Pantry is one of the many solutions we offer to help promote socially and ecologically responsible agriculture, support local producers and keep money in our local economy. 

In 2020, we reimagined what Portland Fill Your Pantry looks like and now Fill Your Pantry is a bulk purchasing event series organized by a coalition of local food system organizations around Portland. Its purpose is to support small-scale local farmers by providing an opportunity to move large quantities crops during crucial moments throughout the year; highly perishable summer crops during peak season, and storage crops in the winter when sales are typically the lowest. Stay tuned for more events coming soon –

Big Impact for Local Producers


Brand new to 2021 Portland Fill Your Pantry was our Harvest Pop-up on November 20th and 21st! This pop-up market event centered and supported Black, Brown, and Indigenous farmers; LGBTQIA2S+ farmers; and other new and emerging farmers looking to gain success in the Fill Your Pantry market events. The Harvest Pop-up market event took place within this year’s participating farmers markets including Hillsdale, Hollywood, King, Lents, Montavilla, and Woodstock. Thank you to all of you who supported this pop-up event!
The 2021 Winter Fill Your Pantry was hosted at Hollywood, Hillsdale, Oregon City, and Montavilla on December 4th-12th. Our coalition organized a full week plus of pick ups helping 28 farmers at the 4 markets. Those farmers had combined sales of $58,730 during the online pre orders sales to 345 customers! We are so excited to support small-scale local farmers and ranchers by providing an opportunity to move large quantities crops in the winter when sales are typically the lowest.  Meet the 2021 producers!



With all the twist and turns of 2020, we are excited to share with you that the 6th annual Portland Fill Your Pantry WEEK was incredibly successful!  2020 Portland Fill Your Pantry Week was brought to you by Friends of Family Farmers and Slow Food Portland. This year’s PDX Fill Your Pantry took place over a week-long period between December 5th and 13th at four different winter farmers markets across the Portland area – Hollywood, Hillsdale, Lloyd, and Montavilla. Twenty four local farmers and ranchers participated in the online pre-order session, plus Come Thru Market featured BIPOC farm and food product vendors at three of the markets. The 24 farmers sold a combined $65,000 in products during online pre-orders, to over 390 customers. That doesn’t include the day of sales at the farmers markets! We loved working with the winter farmers markets to expand sales and increase awareness of the bounty we have access to year-round.  



The 5th Annual Portland Fill Your Pantry and Winter Vegetable Sagra was a fantastic success! On Sunday, December 8, 2019, thirty-one local, socially-responsible farmers had solid sales at an otherwise-slow time of year. Chefs gave tasty samples of dishes made with many of the winter vegetables that were being sold, cheerful volunteers kept the coffee hot and helped load heavy carts, and over 1000 shoppers have now filled their pantries (garages, freezers and sheds) with fresh, pesticide-free, vegetables, meats, nuts and more grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. Approximately $85,000 dollars were circulated in our local economy at that one day event. Thank you so much to all who were a part of it. Check out pictures here.



On December 9, 2018, we held our 4th annual Portland Fill Your Pantry bulk buying event on a cold, blustery day under cover outside at Faubion Elementary School. Despite harsh weather, hundreds of shoppers came out and purchased over $62,000 in bulk vegetables, fruit, beans, pasture-raised meats, canned goods, and other product from the 21 participating farms and ranches! Thanks to everyone – producers, customers and volunteers – for making this such a great event!



FoFF’s 3th Annual Portland Fill Your Pantry was held on December 3, 2017 at The Redd on Salmon Street. Hundreds of supporters attended and we collectively helped generate over $60,000 in sales that went directly into the pockets of 24 local farms & ranches! In case you missed this very fun event, check out pictures here.