Mike Guebert

Oregon Pasture Network Program Director
  • Bio :
    Mike Guebert, Oregon Pasture Network’s Program Director, has owned and operated a regenerative, multi-species livestock farm with his wife, Linda, at the west end of the Columbia River Gorge since 2002. He’s been able to witness the transformation of their property from a neglected and overgrown piece of land to a bountiful and resilient landscape that provides an enriching environment for their animals, wildlife, and all of the people that consume the products of their farm. He is passionate about sharing this work with others, and is so excited for the opportunity to do that through his work for the OPN. Prior to his role at FoFF, he got his geology degree from Humboldt State University and worked in the environmental remediation field for 20+ years, and since 2012 have been a publicly elected board member of the East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District. He credits FoFF with cultivating his interest in public policy by being invited to provide testimony in front of legislators in Salem and through the farmer and rancher rally days at the capitol. Those experiences taught Mike the power that individuals have in helping to shape important decisions and were inspirations for him to run for, and win, three elections in Multnomah County.