Courtney Stone

Oregon Pasture Network Manager
  • Bio :
    Courtney is so grateful to join us as the Oregon Pasture Network Manager! Her professional background is in advocacy and nonprofit management in Colorado but as COVID became a reality, she hit the road with her partner in their RV and spent the worst of the pandemic enjoying some of the beautiful landscapes of the west. She found herself through magnetism and chance in Deadwood, OR where they've been joyfully setting up their 6-acre property in a small community of 400 neighbors. She absolutely loves to garden and grow food – after spending most of her life in desert climates, she is still constantly in awe of the beauty and diversity of life right outside (and sometimes inside) her Oregon windows! Her partner and two kids (9&12) team up to manage the garden, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, hogs and pets. As a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, she works to align her behavior and choices with the Code of Right Relationships: 1. Speak only words of truth. 2. Speak only of the good qualities of others. 3. Be a confidant and carry no tales. 4. Turn aside the veil of anger to release the beauty inherent in all. 5. Waste not the bounty, and want not. 6. Honor the light in all. Compare nothing; see all for its suchness. 7. Respect all life; cut away the ignorance from one’s own heart. 8. Neither kill nor harbor thoughts of an angry nature, which destroy peace like an arrow. 9. Do it now; if you see what needs doing, do it. She is so grateful to be working for an organization that emphasizes the importance of farmer-led decisions and systemic change - and is open to sharing your wisdom, perspectives and experiences.