Registered Suffolk breeders for 40 years. Currently raising Reg. and Hamp cross for breeding stock, range/commercial rams, and feeder lambs. 40 to 45 head of ewes. Five beef cows for selling; feeder calves to complement the pasture grazing. 35-40 acres of pasture – no haying, rotational grazing management being attempted.

Production Practices:

We are trying to practice rotational grazing with plans of additional cross fencing. We feed no antibiotics in our supplemental grains of young lambs and penicillin used only in cases of injuries or sicknesses. Participate in scrapie tag ID. Participant of genetic testing for scrapie resistant genes for 20 years. 75% of ewes are RR genetics. Selection of replacement ewes is highly favored toward maintenance ability of pasture grazing.

Type of Farm Products Sold:

Beef, Lamb

Number of Acres in Animal Production:


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices: 

No confinement. All animals on pasture all year long. Ewes supplemented on corn at flushing time and in winter months supplemented with hay as needed for lambing and milking to increase protein in diet at that time. Lambs eat from creep until weaned. Ewe lambs to pasture upon weaning. Ram lambs on grain and pasture until sold. All beef on pasture with grass hay and alfalfa hay supplements in drought winter fed out on pasture. Combination of rotational grazing and free range in one large pasture that needs fencing to use for rotational practices. We use livestock fly spray in the summer and mole traps all year round. Barn cleaning gets reapplied to pastures.

Environmental Conservation:

15 years of participating in off-stream watering, fencing, tree planting for salmon habitat with CREP, watershed programs



Farm Visits:

At this time we are not setup for public visiting on a regular basis. By appointment only.

Where Products are Available:

OPN Product Guide: South Coast
No USDA processing plants in our immediate area. Public would purchase live animals and choose a local processor or process meat themselves.

More Info and Contact Information: