Have a herd of Irish Dexter Cattle, pasture raised broiler chickens, pasture raised turkeys and laying hens. Cattle are sold for beef and milk as Dexters are a dual purpose breed. I use a pasture rotation system with chickens to fertilize. As a career wildlife biologist I have a deep understanding and respect of animals natural needs. I have dedicated my entire life to working toward environmental sustainability that protects natural ecosystems everything depends upon. I raise my animals in a healthy, happy environment.

Production Practices:

Rotational grazing, antibiotic free, natural chicken fertilizer from free range chicken tractor operation

Type of Farm Products Sold:

Beef, Poultry, Eggs

Number of Acres in Animal Production:


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices: 

None of my animals are in confinement unless being halter trained, and then still provided access to pasture though separated from the herd. I conduct rotational grazing where my cows are moved from one pasture to the next over a period of a day or a week depending on pasture conditions. Poultry free range (real free range) where they stay in big chicken tractors (modified portable car ports) at night and are free to access the pasture during the day. Chickens and turkeys are fed organic grains and home raised vegetables in addition to pasture. Some customers want their beef grain finished so these are fed an organic mix of grains daily in the pasture. I use bio-attractants and traps for flies, diatomaceous earth, cod liver oil for pink eye and with the combination of chickens and cattle have less problems.

Environmental Conservation:

I do not have a creek close to do riparian restoration and the immediate area around me is limited in how much wildlife habitat can be created but I practice all I can since I AM a wildlife biologist and know what can be done.


None. I raise my cattle as if certified Organic even with farmers who do not use pesticides on their hay but local certified organic hay resources are not accessible.

Farm Visits:

By appointment only

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