The OPN has many “Pasture Partners”: farmers, ranchers, retail stores, chefs and restaurateurs joining together to practice and promote agricultural practices that put a high value on family farms, animal welfare, public health, the planet and our local rural economies.

To be an official Pasture Partner, farmers and ranchers fill out an application, take the Pasture Network Pledge, and receive a farm visit from our staff.  For more details on how this process works, visit our OPN Application page.

The Pledge for Farmers & Ranchers

We are engaged in animal agricultural practices that are humane, ecologically beneficial and provide animals with a high quality of life. Through our animal husbandry practices, we strive to enhance the local environment, protect public health, and treat our animals humanely. Our business is committed to operating on a scale that is appropriate to our land and to use practices that allow our animals to live a high-quality life on pasture. We make operational decisions intended to foster the long-term viability of the land, air, and water of our local community. We are committed to furthering public education about humane and pasture-based animal husbandry, and act as mentors to peers who are looking to transition to pasture based and humane production systems.

To take the pledge and become a Pasture Network Partner, please see our OPN Application page for instructions.