We are a small-scale intensive cottage farm focused on creating abundant, regenerative food systems. We seek to work with the land we steward by not exceeding its carrying capacity, balancing the relationship between land and animal, and establishing long-term perennial plantings, pastures, and water harvesting features.

Production Practices:

Rotational Grazing. Non-GMO. No Spray. High Animal Husbandry Standards.

Type of Farm Products Sold:

Pork, Eggs

Number of Acres in Animal Production:


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices: 

Our pastured pigs are managed in a silvo-pasture system. The pasture is punctuated by lines of fruit and nut trees planted on contour, between which our animals forage. This system is young, but is intended to provide a seasonal food source to our pigs, nutrient for the pasture system, shade, and habitat for wildlife.

We move our pigs to fresh forage as soon as the current is depleted, and before it is exhausted. That requires us to keep our stocking rates on the low side of what our land can carry. We are a farrow to finish operation, so our breeding animals are kept in a separate pasture system from our feeder pigs. Our breeders are also rotationally managed.

Environmental Conservation:

Throughout our property we are working to create animal habitat. This has led us to the establishment of pond systems and the setting aside of “wild areas” which remain either unmanaged or minimally so. We are committed to restoring native flora throughout our property and have areas designated as native gardens, hedges and riparian zones along waterways. Though our property is small, long-term we hope to have it filled to the brim with local wildlife.



Farm Visits:

By appointment only

Where Products are Available:

OPN Product Guide: Portland Region

Our pork shares are available by the half and whole hog directly through our website. We take deposits early in the year and shares typically sell out by spring. If we have room on our subscription, Duck and Chicken eggs are available in NE Portland (drop point off Glisan and 84th) and on farm pick up.

More Info and Contact Information:

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