We currently raise a herd of registered Katahdin Sheep on 64 acres of pasture for breeding and meat. We also raise a small number of American Guinea Hogs, Irish Dexter Cattle, chickens and LaMancha Dairy Goats. Our sheep are raised on pasture with supplemented hay in the winter months and free choice minerals. We utilize a deep bed straw program in the barn for the winter months.

Production Practices:

We practice rotational grazing and hold a Prepackaged Meat Sellers license through the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Type of Farm Products Sold:

Lamb, Pork, Beef, Goat Milk

We are members of the Katahdin Hair Sheep International, Inc, and have breeding stock for sale. We also sell whole, half and packaged meat depending on our customers requirements.

Number of Acres in Animal Production:


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices:

All of our animals have access to pasture year round day and night with barns for cover in inclement weather and for winter feeding of hay. The sheep are on a rotational grazing program through the spring and summer. When the pasture dries in the late summer we open up more pasture so I would consider that to be free range into the fall when we supplement the sheep with hay. With the small number of the other species that we raise they are on a free range pasture program. All of our animals are finished on the pasture on our farm.

With the majority of our animals on a pasture rotation we move the stock before the grass is too short to recover. We also use composted straw and manure to put nutrients back into the soil.

We practice an organic policy for pest and insect management, we don’t use chemicals on the pastures or in our gardens. We have cats and for the mice or if necessary I will use a mouse trap if there are an abundance near the feed.

With the deep bed straw system in the barn we complete the process by moving the partially composted straw and manure to a compost barn. When this is ready I use a manure spreader to spread the material on the pasture.

Environmental Conservation:

We currently have 7 acres, 4 separate areas that are in a Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program,
CREP, through the Department of Agriculture. These areas also have Blue Bird nests set up and there are two ponds in them as well.


Animal Welfare Approved-Farm Sheep
Animal Welfare Approved-Grass Fed Lamb

Farm Visits:

By appointment only–we are usually on the farm and love to show our operation but want to make sure if someone comes by that we have time for them.

Where Products Are Available:

OPN Product Guide: Mid-Willamette Valley
Our Farm Facebook page, Moonlight FARM LLC, and directly from the farm.

More Info and Contact Information: