Martin Family Ranch has offered premium grass-finished beef to our customers in and around the Rogue Valley for over a decade. With the high quality forage produced by our fertile soils utilized in our rotational grazing system, we are able to produce well finished grass-fed beef from 18 month old cattle yielding carcasses averaging 700 pounds. We produce all our own calves from our 40 head cow herd with most calves sired by AI using some of the best grass-based genetics in the world. We sell quarters, halves and whole beeves that are harvested right here on the ranch that are then aged and processed at our local butcher shop.

Production Practices:

Hormone-free, rotational grazing

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Number of Acres in Animal Production:


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices: 

Our cattle are always out on pasture except for limited periods in a sacrifice area when extremely wet soil conditions would cause significant damage to our pastures. We have approximately 50 paddocks on our 100 acres of pastureland that we manage. We rotate our cattle into fresh paddocks on average about every other day with a typical rest period of about 50 days. Animals are finished on-site. I have been managing my own cattle operation for over 30 years and implemented a rotational grazing system in the 1980’s. I have not put any commercial fertilizer on any of our ground besides the limited acreage that I harvest hay from. We do not spray our pastures for weeds and our only fly control treatment is the occasional hand spraying of our cattle with a pyrethrin-based mix to reduce horn and face fly populations in the summer. All manure accumulated from my winter feeding area is spread back on my pastures.

Environmental Conservation:

Using a rotational grazing system inherently provides constant cover for game birds and other wildlife which has produced a notable increase in our ringneck pheasant population.



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Every day; no appointment necessary

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