Pasture based sheep and poultry producers dedicated to low input sustainable agriculture (LISA)

Production Practices:

Management intensive grazing

Type of Farm Products Sold:

Lamb, Eggs

Number of Acres in Animal Production:


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices: 

100% on pasture using rotational and management intensive grazing. Regular soil testing with appropriate inputs. Pastured hens eat a lot of grasshoppers and bugs. Animal manure is distributed throughout the pasture during grazing to help fertilize.

Environmental Conservation:

Maintain 60 acres of Ash swales and 10 acres planted to Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine.


Animal Welfare Approved for laying hens

Farm Visits:

By appointment only

Where Products are Available:

OPN Product Guide: Mid-Willamette Valley
On farm sales of lamb and eggs by appointment.

More Info and Contact Information:

Jo-Le Farms Facebook Page