We farm approximately 150 acres in Central Oregon with about half of our ground certified organic by Oregon Tilth. We produce certified organic, 100% grass-fed and grass-finished goat and lamb and certified organic and conventional hay.

Production Practices:

We practice managed intensive rotational grazing

Type of Farm Products Sold:

Lamb, Goat

Number of Acres in Animal Production:


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices:

Animals are on pasture from 4/1-11/15 and eating hay, with access to outdoors over winter unless weather is extremely inclement. We move to new paddocks every 2-4 days depending on biomass. Animals are finished on grass or hay.

For pasture management we use managed intensive rotational grazing and no-till interseeding of legumes. We don’t use chemicals and weeds are managed well by grazing. Composted manure from winter feeding areas is composted and reapplied to fields.

Environmental Conservation:

We installed 1/4 mile buried pipe to minimize leaching losses from our pond inflow


USDA certified Organic

Farm Visits:

By appointment only

Where Products Are Available:

OPN Product Guide: Central Oregon

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