Croakers Crossing Farm is focused on regenerative agricultural practices.  Everything we do starts with a focus on the health of our soil. Healthy Food and Healthy community all stem from the health of the soil.

Production Practices:

We use intensive rotational grazing with our herd of cattle, flock of chickens, ducks and turkeys along with our Kune Kune pigs.  This involves moving the animals around the land in a way that stimulates growth, diversity and fertilizes the land.  Once the animals have spent a day on a small patch of pasture we move the animals and we rest that area until it has fully recovered prior to moving animals back. 

Type of Farm Products Sold:

Pasture Raised Chicken, Turkeys, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs and Honey

We also sell our rare breed miniature Belted Galloway heifer/bull calves as well as registered Kune Kune piglets.

Number of Acres in Animal Production:


Grazing, Pasture and Nutrient Management Practices: 

All animals have access to pasture all year around. During the winter the cows have access to hay and a shelter from the weather and we supplement their hay with sprouted barley fodder produced on site throughout the winter months.

As of April 2017, we have incorporated rotational grazing of our cattle into the operation. We use electric fencing to move the cows daily. 

We are working with NCRS to turn additional farmland back to pasture for rotational grazing. Along with repairing the Riparian buffer along the Tualatin River that boarders our farm land.

We are not currently using any chemicals for pest management. Any manure in the winter months is used on the garden and around our trees.

Environmental Conservation:

We are located adjacent to the Tualatin River and we are working with NCRS to repair the Riparian buffer in order to improve the water infiltration along the river bank.


Homegrown by Heroes label issued by Farmer Veteran Coalition

Farm Veterans Fellowship Fund 2018 Grant recipient

Farm Visits:

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