Check out the locations below (listed alphabetically by location) to find pasture-grown products in the Mid-Willamette Valley area. To learn more about each of our OPN partners, such as their production methods or the specific products they produce, select their farm or ranch name to view their profile. Some producers sell their products directly from their farm; some producers offer Herd-Shares, which often includes delivery options throughout the region. For these sale arrangements click “On-Farm” or “Herd-Share” to email that producer with inquiries.

Product TypeProducer ProfileSales OutletLocation/Map
BeefLulay Livestock CoOn-FarmAlbany
BeefSaunders Sustainable FarmOn-Farm
BeefDeck Family FarmFirst Alternative Co-OpCorvallis – multiple locations
Beef1890 Willamette Grass Fed FarmOn-FarmLebanon
BeefVerdant Hills FarmOn-Farm and DeliveryMcMinnville
BeefSoggy BottomOn-FarmSalem
BeefDeck Family Farm & Sublime OrganicsLifesource Natural FoodsSalem
BeefSublime OrganicsOn-FarmSublimity
BeefMoonLight Farm, LLCOn-FarmSweet Home
BeefBelle Mare FarmOn-FarmWillamina
ChickenSaunders Sustainable FarmOn-Farm
ChickenBelle Mare FarmWillamina Farmers MarketWillamina
DuckSoggy BottomOn-FarmSalem
DuckSublime OrganicsLifesource Natural FoodsSalem
DuckSublime OrganicsOn-FarmSublimity
GeeseChampoeg FarmOn-FarmSt Paul
TurkeyChampoeg FarmOn-FarmSt Paul
GoatSublime OrganicsLifesource Natural FoodsSalem
GoatSublime OrganicsOn-FarmSublimity
LambLeaping Lamb FarmOn-FarmAlsea
LambFry Road FarmOn-FarmAlbany
LambSoggy BottomOn-FarmSalem
LambSublime OrganicsLifesource Natural FoodsSalem
LambJo-Le FarmsOn-FarmScio
LambSublime OrganicsOn-FarmSublimity
LambMoonLight Farm, LLCOn-FarmSweet Home
LambBelle Mare FarmOn-FarmWillamina
PorkSaunders Sustainable FarmOn-Farm
PorkDeck Family FarmFirst Alternative Co-OpCorvallis – multiple locations
PorkMount Hope Heritage Farm
PorkSoggy BottomOn-FarmSalem
PorkDeck Family FarmLifesource Natural FoodsSalem
PorkMoonLight Farm, LLCOn-FarmSweet Home
Eggs Deck Family FarmFirst Alternative Co-OpCorvallis – multiple locations
EggsDeck Family Farm
Market of ChoiceCorvallis
EggsVerdant Hills FarmOn-FarmMcMinnville
EggsDeck Family FarmLifesource Natural FoodsSalem
EggsJo-Le FarmsOn-FarmScio
EggsBelle Mare FarmOn-FarmWillamina
Eggs (Duck)Sublime OrganicsOn-FarmSublimity
DairyGrassward DairyHerdshareBlodgett
DairyGrassward DairyHerd-ShareCorvallis
DairyGrassward DairyHerd-ShareKings Valley
DairyGrassward DairyHerd-SharePhilomath
DairyGrassward DairyHerd-ShareWren
Dairy (Goat)Saunders Sustainable FarmOn-Farm
Dairy (Goat)MoonLight Farm, LLCOn-FarmSweet Home
Additional Options: Double J Jerseys is based in Monmouth, OR and produces dairy for Organic Valley, available at many locations across Oregon.

Our Pasture Partners change their sales outlets from time to time and we do our best to keep up with those changes! However, we are not responsible for any sales outlets or locations that may be out of date. If you notice any discrepancies, please email OPN @

If you are a producer, and are interested in becoming an official Pasture Partner, please visit our OPN Application page for instructions.