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InFARMation (& BYOB): Are We Out of Food!? – Understanding Food Supply Chains

May 14, 2020 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

InFARMation (& BYOB!): Are We Out of Food!? – Understanding Food Supply Chains

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed some weaknesses in the industrial food supply chain.  As grocery store shelves stand empty, the question comes up, are we running out of food? Join us for a virtual InFARMation on May 14th at 6:30 pm to explore this question.

We want to assure you that the short answer is no! Oregon’s farmers have not stopped working, plants are still growing, and animals are still fattening in the field.  As Oregonians search for new ways to fill the dinner table, our family farmers are stepping up to fill the gap.  But when the food doesn’t come through “normal” channels (grocery stores, traditional distributors, etc.), how is the experience for growers and customers different?

During this InFARMation, we will hear from vegetable farmers, co-op operators, and the perspectives of local meat processors from across the state to show you how the local supply chain differs from the traditional mainstream supply chain.  Localizing food supply chains can lead to more resilience for the producers and the communities.  It also helps connect people with the realities of food processing and transportation issues that are often erased in a traditional grocery store setting.  This InFARMation will help illuminate the path of local food from the farmer to the eater, and highlight the points of difference between small producers selling to a local market, and the conventional supply chain of conglomerate grocery stores.  We will hear from the following speakers to share their perspectives on the challenges and joys of getting food from the field to your fork:

Megan French from Boundless Farmstead: Megan and her partner David own and operate Boundless Farmstead, a mixed vegetable farm in Central Oregon.  Health, sustainability, environmental consciousness and building relationships are major driving forces for their farm. She will describe the challenges and rewards of growing food for distribution in Central Oregon, and specifically talk about the long term planning that goes into farming and how their farm has adapted in these changing markets.

Julia Wentzel from Food Roots: Julia is the Local Food Programs Coordinator for Food Roots, a nonprofit based in Tillamook county that operates a co-op storefront called FarmTable.  Sourcing all their products in and right around Tillamook county and purchasing all their products directly from the producer sets FarmTable apart from other food retail outlets.  She will talk about how their model works for their community and the effect of this alternative supply chain for both consumers and farmers.

Rebecca Thistlethwaite from NMPAN:  Rebecca is the Director of Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network. She will break down the custom butchery process, address what we are seeing in the news about national meat shortages, and talk about the advantages and challenges for local meat processors. She lives in the Dalles, is the author of two farming books, and previously co-owned an organic poultry and livestock farm.

Join us for an evening of community and uplifting support of local agriculture. This is a virtual meeting, so you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home with your choice of dinner, snacks and/or beverage. Tell your friends and enjoy a night “out” together, while getting all the info you need to keep your food system strong. This InFARMation is statewide and all Oregonians are welcome.

To RSVP and get the link to the zoom call –