We have been raising poultry on pasture since 2005 with our primary focus on Turkeys. We process on farm and sell direct to customers in our area. We also partner with wholesale buyers to custom raise and cut products for their year round needs.

Production Practices:

We employ a rotational grazing model and we work with our Oregon seasons. We use nochemicals on our pastures and we are always antibiotic free. Poults are moved onto pasture by week 5 or 6 based on weather conditions.  We rotate the flocks across our pastures throughout the summer with most processing occurring in the fall. 

Types of Farm Products Sold:

We offer Whole Turkey and a variety of Turkey Parts (breast roasts, thigh, drumsticks and ground). We also offer Whole Goose and Goose Parts seasonally.

Number of Acres in Animal Production:

20+ acres  

Grazing, Pasture, and Nutrient Management Practices:

We use a rotational grazing method where we move birds weekly to a fresh area of pasture. They are raised from day two through processing directly on the farm.

Environmental Conservation:

We have a Riparian buffer around 350′ around the farm/pastures and have worked with Marion Soil & Water Conservation on several projects to improveconservation on the farm.



Farm Visits:

We are open the weekend before Thanksgiving for turkey pick up. Also by appointment as time and weather allow.

Where Products are Available:

Our products are available to order online (at our website) and pick up directly from us at the farm. Our Turkeys and Geese (whole and parts) are available at New Seasons Markets during the holidays. Our turkey breast roast is served at Grand Central Bakeries in Portland and a few other select restaurants.

More Info and Contact Information: