Farmland Assessment Workshop: Prep and Process for Securing Farmland

Join the Oregon Farm Link team and Eric Pond, for a virtual presentation and Q&A session on what to look for when purchasing or leasing farmland. Eric Pond is the co-owner of Greenleaf Farm Management and has spent the last 34 years farming in Oregon. Eric has sourced, purchased, developed, and operated farmland large and small with a focus on organic permanent crop production. Eric and his family farm several acres of vegetables and berries near Lebanon for the Food Bank. In this workshop, Eric will cover a variety of topics from understanding your financing to completing due diligence on water rights, soil, property lines, etc, purchasing farmland can be a daunting undertaking involving a slew of professionals.

If you are in the market for farmland or might be in the future (for purchase or long-term lease), please join us for an informational session to learn more about what to consider when looking at farmland and who can help set you up for success. 

There are two chances to catch this workshop, choose the one that best fits your schedule:

Monday, May 16th, 4:00pm on Zoom – REGISTER HERE

Monday, May 23rd, 6:00pm on Zoom – REGISTER HERE