2022/2023 Winter InFARMation Advocacy Series 

November 3rd – Improving the Pickle Bill: More Opportunities for Small Farmer Value Added Products 

Since the enactment of HB 2336 in 2011 (The Farm Direct Marketing Law or Pickle Bill), farmers and producers across Oregon have been utilizing this regulatory framework to safely sell fresh produce and certain low risk value-added products directly to consumers. Countless farmers and communities, particularly in rural Oregon, have benefited from the increased economic capital generated by farm to consumer sales in addition to the strengthening of local and regional food systems. With over 10 years of success stories about farmers safely selling products to consumers and enhancing their own economic opportunities, the 2023 Legislative Session offers an opportunity to build on this work and enhance Oregon’s Farm Direct Marketing Law. Come find out about the current law and its existing barriers, learn about the details of our new proposal and understand how you can get involved.

December 8th – Shouldn’t it be Easier to Buy Raw Milk? 

Based on member feedback, survey suggestions, conversations and sessions, we have identified a few actionable steps to help raw milk producers grow their business, when desired, and access a broader consumer base. With the state’s growing prioritization of creating an equitable, accessible and local food system — especially as we continue to navigate food access challenges exacerbated by the pandemic — we will be proposing changes to Oregon’s sales regulations for dairies that fall under the exemption status laid out in ORS 621.012 in the 2023 legislative session. Come find out the current situation for Oregon raw milk producers, what is happening in neighboring states and hear about our proposal that will change the landscape for these small milk producers.

January 3rd – Working Together: Coalition Partner Legislative Priorities 

No organization is an island, and when it comes to making systemic change, there is most certainly strength in numbers. But beyond the numbers, working collaboratively makes sure that the solutions we put forward for Oregon respect the diverse goals of groups within the food system. We want our programs and policies to provide a path to viability for small and mid-size, socially and ecologically responsible farmers while balancing the needs of food security, education and equity to make sure we create a future food system that serves all Oregonians. From Double Up Food Bucks to an all species Tier 2 CAFO Moratorium, come hear from our partner organizations what they are working on in the 2023 legislative session.