Welcome Our New Oregon Pasture Network Program Assistant!

Our team at FoFF keeps growing! We are welcoming another new staff member, Michele Thorne! Our Oregon Pasture Network’s new Program Assistant will be working to help expand the OPN’s membership of small family farmers and ranchers in Southern Oregon. Michele is a native New York City girl turned Oregon farm girl and has been in the food industry, in several capacities, for decades. She currently pastures “turduckens” (turkeys, ducks and chickens) and New Zealand meat rabbits with her partner.

Michele is the host of a burgeoning weekly podcast called Food Slain, which digs into the “dirty” side of the food supply chain and explores topics that help people understand the impact of our food and ingredients on our health, our environment and our economy.

She is a zealous advocate for small farmers, local food, food security and access to clean food, and is a published author and former “healthy” restaurant and private chef. She occasionally teaches a Money Skills class to youth, and she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts and an MBA in Sustainable Business. Michele loves wild food foraging, and history…specifically the history of money and farmers.

Welcome to the family Michele, we are SO excited to have you join us!