Welcome Our New Oregon Farm Link Navigator!

We are excited to announce our newest team member, Silvia Cuesta! Silvia is excited to join the FOFF team and contribute her passion, and knowledge in support of Oregon farmers and local food systems as the Oregon Farm Link Navigator.  

She comes to FOFF with experience working with the Latinx farming community in her previous role as a Farm Business Manager at a local nonprofit dedicated to serving the Latinx community. She has many years of experience as a farmer herself as well as providing coaching and technical assistance to beginning farmers which will be valuable to her role as Oregon Farm Link Navigator.

Silvia is passionate about creating a more equitable and sustainable food system. She strongly believes that a key ingredient towards achieving a vibrant and inclusive food system is to invest and support the success of our local beginning farmers who are passionate about growing healthy delicious food and feeding their community. 

Silvia’s love for growing and eating great local food has led her to work with the local farmer’s markets. She loves to frequent the local farmers markets not only to gather fresh local ingredients which she loves to cook and preserve with, but she also appreciates the opportunity of having a direct connection with our farmers and building a strong relationship between our farmers and the food we love to eat.

We are so excited to have Silvia join us!