Leadership Update at Friends of Family Farmers

Dear Friends of Family Farmers Community,

As the Board of Directors for Friends of Family Farmers, we want to let you know of some changes happening internally within our organization. Shari Sirkin is no longer the Executive Director of FoFF.

For the past three years, Shari guided the work of Friends of Family Farmers, as both Interim and then Executive Director. She stepped up to lead FoFF at a critical time when the organization found itself without an Executive Director and her dedication moved FoFF to a bright future. Prior to taking on this role, Shari served as a member of the Board of Directors for six years, helping to craft the vision and direction of the organization. We are grateful for all the on-the-ground, and behind-the-scenes work that Shari did for Oregon farmers and beyond. Her activist spirit, and passion for the work are infectious; inspiring folks to put their convictions into action.

Shari’s commitment to her fellow farmers and the broader community was demonstrated in her enthusiasm and support of policy work and contributions to the overall mission of FoFF. On behalf of the board of directors, we send our gratitude to the passion, commitment, and dedication Shari brought to FoFF. 

As we transition, a former FoFF board member familiar with the organization is working with the FoFF board to manage day-to-day operations and support all of our team as we move forward. As we seek new leadership, please know that we will continue to provide the services and connections needed by our stakeholders and community members to help them achieve success. All of our staff and the entire board remain committed to collaborating and advocating for family-scale, inclusive agriculture, fostering healthy and resilient rural and urban communities.  


The FoFF Board of Directors