Support Your Local Farms for the Holidays!

Ready or Not, Holidays are Here!

The weather has turned, Halloween is behind us and it is time to start looking forward to the holiday season.  No matter how you celebrate this winter, the centerpiece of the holidays is food. With many travel plans derailed because of the pandemic, what better way to enjoy where you are than making a commitment to eat local this holiday season!  Join with the Oregon Pasture Network and Friends of Family Farmers to eat local for the holidays.  

Oregon Pasture Network Farmers have done the hard work of raising healthy, happy animals to feed their communities. Our 73 members are spread across the state to ensure that there is someone in your area you can trust to bring you a delicious product that will satisfy not only your need for nourishment, but also your hunger to create a thriving, ecologically sound, local food system here in Oregon. Our members all take our Pasture Pledge and commit themselves to pasture-based practices with a promise to always improve. Find a farmer near you for:

  • Turkeys
  • Lamb
  • Beef Roasts
  • Pork Roasts
  • Chicken

Why Eat Local?

Eating locally produced, food is better for your local economy.  According to studies farmers who grow and sell agricultural products locally employ on average 13 people per $1 million dollars in revenue.  The average producer selling to a major grocery store employs only 3 people for the same amount of revenue.  Local producers also put more money back into the local economy.  Case studies show that large chains put an average of $0.15 per dollar back into the economy where they do business, while locally owned business contribute three times that amount.  To help build a food system that enables thriving rural economies, choose a farmer in your area to raise your holiday meal this year. By choosing to support these local producers, you make your local economy more resilient to the shocks that can derail the industrial food system.

Why Pasture Raised?

All the farmers in the OPN raise their animals with their feet in the field and a view of the sky.  Pasture based systems better use the resources available to them.  They need less supplemental food produced off the farm, the animals get more exercise, there is less waste runoff, and a good grazing rotation can sequester carbon in the process. By respecting the land, water, and air resources, our OPN members produce the best that Oregon has to offer. 

When you buy meat from one of these farmers, you also get to know the producers in your area.  You can get a feel for their practices, ask them about the process of raising your dinner, and get preparation and serving suggestions from the source. No one knows their product better than your local farmer.  This is a chance to get involved with your community on the most basic level.

How to find a farmer near you!

  1. Go to
  2. Type what you are looking for into our Product Guide Search (try turkey, beef, or lamb to get started!)

     3. Hit search and use our handy mapping tool to find the farms closest to you.

     4. Connect with a new local farmer and enjoy your holiday feast!

On behalf of Friends of Family Farmers and our local farming community, we are very grateful for your support of small and mid-sized farms during the holidays.