Welcome New OPN Members!

The Oregon Pasture Network (OPN) is one of FoFF’s ongoing farmer programs, which promotes and serves Oregon’s sustainable livestock producers.  The OPN is a community for pasture based animal producers across our state.  This is a place for folks who raise animal products for sale to their communities while stewarding their land, preserving their water and air resources, and treating their animals with compassion. We have members across the state who raise all kinds of livestock; from dairy goats to laying hens and heritage hogs to bison.

This network is about dedication to maintaining healthy forage, and animals within a livestock system and using rotational grazing as a tool to regenerate soils.  We are so proud to welcome our Fall 2020 cohort of new members bringing our total membership up to 73 farms and ranches across the state!  We would like to welcome all our new members to the network:

Each of these farms filled out our detailed application, was visited by a member of the OPN Advisory Committee and a FoFF staff member to ask questions, get to know them, and confirm the info on the application, and then was voted on by the full Advisory Committee before being granted membership.  These folks are all in different parts of their journey as pastured producers, but they have a commitment to constant improvement and embody the OPN Pasture Pledge

Membership in the OPN also comes with some perks.  These new farms will get listings in the brand new OPN Product Guide where folks all over Oregon can buy direct from producers in their area, access to the OPN member listserv to network and connect with other farmers and ranchers, and discounted rates on all the annual OPN pasture classes.  If you are a producer looking to expand your product reach, hone your pasture management skills, and connect with other producers, consider applying for membership with OPN!  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and farm visits are scheduled during the regular growing season. For more information about membership or the product guide, contact OPN program manager Alice Morrison.