Racial Justice and Farming Resources

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Gather Film

Follow the Drinking Gourd


Red White & Black Documentary

Scene on Radio (Season 2, Seeing White)

New York Times 1691 Podcast

Moth Podcast episode: Bearing Witness

A Reading List For Learning About Anti-Black Racism and Food

My Grandmother’s Hands

Tending the Wild 

Microaggressions in Everyday Life 

Farming while Black


Collective Courage

Freedom Farmers

Mindful of Race 

The New Jim Crow

Waking up White


The Case for Curiosity in the Fight Against Anti-Blackness: Why We Need a Beginner’s Mind

What Is White Privilege, Really?

Broken Treaties

Black Pioneers

Black, Indigenous and other POC Owned Farms

Good Rain Farm 

Black Future Farms 

Sakari Farms

Mudbone Grown

Happiness Family Farm

Simington Gardens 

Village Gardens 

Wapato Island Farm 

Flying Dogheart Farm 

Yasuke Pharm 

Raceme Farm Collective 

Scrapberry Farm 

Chalchi Farm 

Mora Mora Farm 

Little Sun Farm 

Mariquita Medicinals 

Sitafal Farm

True Love Seeds

Black, Indigenous and other POC Focused Organizations

Black Food Sovereignty Coalition

Mudbone Grown – Pathways to Farming

WeGrow PDX

Resource Generation

Equitable Giving Circle

Feed the Mass 


Adelante Mujeres

Sogorea Te’ Landtrust

Real Rent Duwamish 

SE Uplift – (grants SE PDX)


Agricultural Racism Articles/Resources 

Oregon Black History Timeline 

Characteristics of white supremacy culture handout

For a Tribe With a Tradition of Sharing, Food Sovereignty Is Complicated Economics

Indian New Deal, Tribal Termination and Urban Relocation 

Dawes Act

Blood Quantum and One Drop Rule

What Happened to America’s Black Farmers?

Oregon Black Laws

Why Aren’t there more Black people in Oregon? 

What Happened to all the Black Farmers?

Microaggression mosquito

National Young Farmers Coalition – Racial Equity Toolkit 

Sonoma Land Trust – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan 

Food Solutions – Racial Equity Challenge Resources 

Portland State University – Interrupting Oppression 

Yale University – African American History: From Emancipation to the Present (Free Course)

Soul Fire Farm – Reparations Map 

Rural Organizing Project – In Defense of Black Lives

Food Tech Connect – Food and Ag Anti- Racism Resources + Black Food and Farm Businesses to Support