We Filled Our Pantries, And it Was Awesome!


FYP People CollageFill your pantry was a mighty success!

Thank you to all of the participating farmers, eaters, volunteers, and community organizations for contributing love, labor, and support.

Chart Pounds of Food SoldThousands of pounds of food were carted off to happy homes. Just during the pre-sale, local farmers sold over 1,711 pounds of winter squash, 1,380 pounds of grains and beans, 3,851 pounds of storage veggies, and 840 pounds of pasture raised meats!

Of the nearly $24,000 in pre-order sales, $1,700 were paid using SNAP benefits.


Knowing that food insecure populations abound throughout the world, our nation, and within our immediate communities, we are ever grateful for the opportunity to engage in the abundance of responsibly raised sustenance. To fill your pantry is a blessing and a celebration, but it is also a choice that merits recognition.

GarlicWe look forward to expanding this event in the future, to reaching new communities with the remarkably diverse and healthful bounty Oregon farmers work so hard to offer.

Thank you again, and keep an eye out for FoFF communications regarding 2016 events!

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